Top 10 Highest Paid NBA Players 2011

Here is a must for all the NBA fans out there, Who Are The 10 Highest Paid Basketball Players 2011? As far as it concerns as, we will be tackling the fixed income of NBA players, as stated in contractual agreement and away from extra bonuses, rewards and endorsement incomes. Just so you should know LeBron is not on the list.

10. Michael Redd: $17,040,000
Michael Redd of the Milwaukee Bucks: Redd has been the hottest topic from the economy perspective; the number 22 NBA jersey has not scored more than 21.5 points per game (referring to NBA stats from NBA.com) and did not lead the Bucks into the NBA playoffs. Nevertheless, he is the best player within the Milwaukee Bucks basketball team but is he worth the 17 million Dollars?
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9. Rashard Lewis: $18,876,000
Rashard Lewis of the Orlando Magic jerseys is more likely to miss the first 9 or 10 NBA games of the NBA 2010; Lewis was tested for drug consumption. Lewis marks a focal point for the Magic, aside Dwight Howard, despite the fact that he scored better NBA stats during his career with the Seattle Supersonics that he is doing with the Orlando. That does not mean that Rashard has a decreasing NBA performance since he is winning more NBA schedules: it might be the domination of Dwight Howard! Is Rashard Lewis worth the spent 18.8 million Dollars?
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8. Ray Allen: $19,766,860
Sharp Shooter Ray Allen of the Boston Cletics NBA basketball team ranks 8th in the top paid NBA players with a salary of 19.77 Million dollars on a yearly basis; aside Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett, Ray Allen’s 3-pointers are expected to tackle the NBA playoffs with success until the NBA finals. With Kevin Garnett (13th top paid NBA Player) and Paul Pierce (7th top paid basketball player in the world) onto the same basketball court, the Celtics are strongly expected to be the winners of NBA Finals 2010.
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7. Paul Pierce: $19,795,712
Paul Pierce, team mate of Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen is currently making 19.8 Million dollars a year, which places him among the best NBA players in the league; remarkably, he stands ahead of Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen in terms of making money from sports out of one of the most generous boss’ pocket in the Celtics Basketball club. Paul Pierce is widely known for the leadership skills and scoring techniques; briefly, the number 34 Celtics Jersey is the main shirt of the team, which we all know it is indispensable for the Boston basketball squad.
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6. Dirk Nowitzki: $19,795,714
Dirk Nowitzki breached the list of All- American NBA players as the only foreign player (Germany) to enter the top paid NBA players with 19.8 Million Dollars on a yearly term; the German basketball player, picked by the Dallas Mavericks during the NBA drafts, became the only non-American NBA player to grab the NBA MVP award during the 2007 NBA season.
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5. Shaquille O’Neal: $20,000,000
Shaquille O’Neal is still impressive and dominating; the ex Giant of the Orlando Magic, Los Angeles Lakers, Miami Heat and the current NBA Center player of the Phoenix Suns is making 20 million dollars per year; Shaq is a 4-time NBA champion, willing to claim his 5th NBA championship with the Suns while LeBron James is still trying to win his 1st NBA title.
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4. Tim Duncan: $22,183,21
Tim Duncan of the San Antonio Spurs is one the most loyal NBA players to their teams; just alike Michael Jordan who spent a whole career with the Chicago Bulls, Duncan’s number 21 Spurs jersey is generously rewarded with 22.2 million Dollars a year. It is in fact a huge sum of money but Duncan is among the NBA players that are worth every cent or dollar for he is a crucial player in the Spurs lineup onto the basketball court.
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3. Jermaine O’Neal: $22,995,000
Jermaine O’Neal (Miami Heat) opens the top 3 highest paid NBA players in 2010; despite being short of scoring efficiently (13.5 points per game referring to NBA.com NBA stats), Jermaine O’Neal is stunningly touching almost 23 million Dollars per year which out-paces by far the salary of Lebron James and Shaquille O’Neal
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2. Kobe Bryant: 23,034,375
Kobe Bryant, multi time MVP with the Los Angeles Lakers, is without doubt one of the greatest NBA players ever; with more than 23 million dollars of income this year, Kobe and the Lakers team mates (Pau Gasol, ron Artest, Lamar Odom) are urged by Phil Jackson to claim the NBA title, even without the assistance of Shaq Attack.
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1. Tracy McGrady: $23,329,561
Wasted potential always makes basketball fans angry, and McGrady is a poster child for wasted potential. Twelve NBA seasons, only 784 games, seven playoff appearances, never passed the first round. He played only 35 games last season and his future with the Rockets and in the NBA is very unclear with his huge contract ending after the 2009-2010 season. From http://www.therichest.org
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